Sewing Centre

When you shop at Kornacraft you are buying much more than just a product, you are purchasing a stake in our local community, in care, quality and service. We pride ourselves on being a physical store where you can see, touch, test drive and compare. It is our firm belief that the internet is a great place to research, and an easy way to buy accessories, but when it comes down to the important things – how a machine operates, how a fabric feels in your hands, you can’t beat the true shopping experience.

Buying your new sewing machine should be an experience, from the selection, through the lesson and the joy of unpacking it at home. Our skilled staff will make that event a physical, not virtual, reality for you. We look forward to being a part of your happy and successful shopping experience.

Lifetime Support Guarantee
When you buy from Kornacraft you can be safe in the knowledge that we will provide you with unlimited lessons and training in the use of your machine.
Should you choose to buy elsewhere, we will happily provide the same level of training and support for you at a reasonable hourly rate.

Our most FAQ (Frequently Asked Question)

Q: Which is the best brand?

A: It is subjective. In terms of reliability and warranty support, there is nothing to separate the brands we stock – that’s why we have chosen them. We provide the support during your warranty period - for that to work for both of us, the machine has to be reliable and of good quality. Our brands offer different features at a given price point and that’s where the subjectivity comes into play. It’s a matter of which machine suits your purpose best and that is why we encourage you to come into the store and try them for yourself (and why we don’t recommend purchasing on the net).