Kona Colour Wheel Solids - Fat Quarters - 1 month

Kona Colour Wheel Solids - Fat Quarters - 1 month


Allows you to stock up on the basics which you may not think of when you set out to buy fabric, an yet frequently you will need. With one colour per month its designed to help you build up the rainbow of colours in your stash. Each month a gorgeous handpicked bundle of Kona solids will arrive in your letterbox. Giving you 12 months of colour.

******* Paypal invoice will be emailed at the end of the month prior to shipment. This allows you to pay monthly subscription *******

Our selections change from year to year so you can stay in the club as long as you want without getting any repeats. This years colour schedule is:

January - Red
February - Orange
March - Brown
April - Yellow
May - Green
June - Aqua
July - Blue
August - Purple
September - Pink
October - Black
November - Grey
December - White